November December 2018

While We Wait: Staying Ready for Christ’s Return

Paul’s advice on staying ready for Christ’s return.


Promise of a New Thing

Trusting God through life’s sad endings and new beginnings.


Kingdom-Focused Leadership

Remembering our mission of extending God's kingdom to those around us.

bible open to the book of revelation

Letters of Hope: A Reflection on the Book of Revelation

More than mysterious symbolism and apocalyptic imagery, Revelation offers a consistent message of hope to the persecuted church.


No Extra Credit: A Look at Temptation

Should we blame the devil every time we’re tempted and tested?

sun setting over a field

Biblical Application: Authority of Scripture Part 6

Wrapping up our six-part series on the authority of Scripture, we examine the Bible’s impact on our lives.

clouds and sunbeams

The Last Days

Are the end times an event two thousand years long?

picture of Church of God members

A Change of Emphasis

In this final entry on Church of God history, our church historian reviews the development of thinking on the end times.

November-December 2018

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