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Fall Support Letter

Dear BA Reader and Friend, I hope this fall support letter finds you and yours safe and well. What a year it has been! I can’t recall one as calamitous as this in my lifetime — and we still have three more months to go! As one crisis mounts upon another and this world seems […]

Bestowing Blessings

As a Sabbath school teacher who prays regularly about instilling confidence in my students, I recently had a “God moment.” He revealed people in my life who have true, meaningful confidence. In prayerfully meditating on these lives, I realized that one thing was always present: a committed earthly father figure who invested time working with […]

kids in church

It’s Not Okay for Kids to be Bored in Church

I baptized my three oldest kids in 2015. It’s incredible to watch them worship together with the local body of Christ they’ve become a part of. I love worshipping with my kids. Whether at home or with our church, there’s something awesome about joining them in song to our Creator and Redeemer. Last week in […]

5 Simple Ways to Increase Sabbath School Attendance

Most Sabbath School teachers share a common frustration: low attendance. They feel like their congregation would benefit from Sabbath School class, but fewer than half of those who attend the worship service show up for class. Here are five tips for attracting more people to class: 1. Let Teachers Teach Many church classrooms consist of […]

Por El Camino Correcto: Estructurando Su Clase de Escuela Sabática para el Éxito – Parte 2

Semana tras semana, año tras año, estudiantes de todas las edades, desde bebés hasta ancianos, toman asiento para participar en alguna forma de educación cristiana. Y al final de cada clase de la Escuela Sabática o estudio Bíblico, nos ponemos de pie, nos retiramos, y la mayoría de las veces, olvidamos rápidamente la mayor parte […]

Por El Camino Correcto: Estructurando Su Clase de Escuela Sabática para el Éxito – Parte 1

Una vez al año, los chicos de las clases de Escuela Sabática de mi congregación son llamados al frente del santuario. Con sonrisas en sus caras, reciben certificados y, en muchos casos, son « promovidos » a sus nuevas clases. Un sábado en particular hace varios años, veía esta ceremonia con temor y temblor, ya que marcó […]

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A Vision for Christian Education in the Local Church – Part 2

Week after week, year after year, students of all ages – infant to elderly – take their seat to engage in some form of Christian education. And at the end of each Sabbath school class or Bible study, we stand up, walk out, and more often than not, quickly forget most of what we were […]

Child in classroom

A Vision for Christian Education in the Local Church – Part 1

Once a year, the kids in my congregation’s Sabbath School classes are called to the front of the sanctuary. With smiles on their faces, they are given certificates and, in many cases, “promoted” to their new classes. On one particular Sabbath several years ago, I watched this ceremony with fear and trembling as it ushered […]