Ground Zero Perspectives NEW

Ground Zero Perspectives NEW: Remembering September 11 and the Lessons We Learned

Reading Time: 7 minutesGround Zero For those old enough to recall them, the images remain vivid: the twin towers of the World Trade…

The Fullness

Reading Time: 3 minutesMost of us have a favorite verse of Scripture and, if asked, could tell why we like that text…

Peace and Goodwill — Toward All

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhen I heard that the Bible Advocate was spending a year on the Ministry of Reconciliation, I was thrilled….

Is peace lost or missing among us today?

Is Peace Lost or Missing Among Us Today?

Reading Time: 7 minutesIn these difficult days we live in, every country in the world is struggling with finances, anger, war, and…

The Fear Fight – Honorable Mention

Reading Time: 2 minutesFear took control over my life at a young age. I was never that child who played and hugged…

Fall Support Letter

Reading Time: 2 minutesDear BA Reader and Friend, I hope this fall support letter finds you and yours safe…

Serving in Hope

Reading Time: 2 minutesMy childhood memories of many sermons in church were from men who seemed angry about a lot of things….

Pursuing Peace with Paul

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe New Testament often paints its greatest truths with the broadest brush strokes. From it we get the big…

What's Really Happening in the United States
Visionary Leadership

What’s Really Going on in the United States Right Now?

Reading Time: 6 minutesVisionary Leadership in a Global Crisis These are troubling times. As I’m writing, the World Health Organization is reporting…

Christian Peacemaking

Reading Time: 3 minutesDespite the best effort of some, we live in a world fractured along ethnic, religious, political, and racial lines….