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How to Clarify Your Calling

Embracing Christ’s invitation and responding to God's overall narrative.

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Re-Created to Meet a Need: Knowing When to Jump In

I like when I can meet another person’s need. This, of course, is not a personality trait unique to me. In fact, I’d be surprised to learn of a person who doesn’t like to be needed. Like little children who are eager to be their parents’ helper, adults feel satisfaction when we can serve in […]

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Fulfilling Your Purpose: How “The Call” Can Clarify Your Focus

As a young girl, I innately sensed that I was called. To what? I didn’t know. High school graduation arrived and with it, the time to choose a career path. So many tears were shed as I pleaded with God – what do You want me to do? I felt unsettled choosing a secular education to […]

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Cómo Puede Usted Clarificar Su Llamado

Crecer, tenemos grandes sueños para la edad adulta. Ser capaces de llenar nuestros días con las cosas que nos traen gozo y satisfacción mientras nos permiten hacer una diferencia. Abrazando un llamado. Y luego… Bien, digamos que #adultando es una descripción adecuada de la conmoción de algunas de las realidades de la vida adulta. Los […]

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How You Can Clarify Your Calling

Growing up, we have grand dreams of adulthood. A vision of being able to fill our days with things that bring us joy and fulfillment while allowing us to make a difference. Embracing a calling. And then… Well, let’s just say that #adulting is an adequate description of the shock of some of the realities […]