The struggle is real

The Struggle is Real

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe church and mental health – playing our part in a very real struggle May is Mental Health Awareness Month…

I Am With You Always

Reading Time: < 1 minutesAs I think about my life Walking through each day, I remember what Jesus said: “I am with you always.”   When I have…

God and My Money

Reading Time: 5 minutes“How irresponsible you are!” My mother-in-law’s face flushed red below her graying curls. “You’re expecting the rest of the…

Mary DeMuth

Restored & Re-Storied: An Interview with Mary DeMuth

Reading Time: 4 minutesRecently, I discovered a woman named Mary DeMuth. She is an author (of 

person staring at a mountain landscape

How My Struggle with Anxiety Proves My Victory

Reading Time: 5 minutes“When a person struggles with anxiety, that person is not living in the victory of Christ.” That’s what I was…