Study Guides (Curriculum)

Study Guides (Curriculum)

Our Bible curriculum and study guides on various Bible topics help local churches and study groups deepen their knowledge of God and His Word. Lessons are available for adults, junior high, and senior high youth; intermediate students (grades 4, 5, and 6); primary students (grades 1, 2, and 3); and preschool/kindergarten students (ages 3-5). These studies are also suitable for individuals to use in home settings.

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Bible Studies for First Quarter 2017


Adult: “Transforming Vision into Reality” Quarterly Series

Written by Whaid Rose

The BAP is excited to announce a four-part quarterly series for 2017 based on the Transforming Vision into Reality message of the General Conference. These adult quarterlies will also be suitable for junior and senior high Sabbath school classes and will explore the ten-point vision of the Church of God (Seventh Day): Christ Centered, Spirit Formed, Bible Based, Sabbath Celebrating, Distinct Yet Inclusive, Passionate in Worship, Compassionate in Service, Engaging in Witness, United in Fellowship, and Committed to Discipleship. We hope our whole church will study these 52 lessons together in 2017 and so more closely realize the vision God has given us. Order Part 1 – Christ the Word today at

Intermediate: Jesus’ Ministry

These lessons focus on what Jesus taught and did when He was here on earth. The students will learn why He came, how He cared for people, and why it is important to accept Him as Savior. They will also learn that we must have faith to accept Jesus and His teaching as a way of life. Finally, they will learn that we can be fully confident that Jesus’ promise of eternal life will be fulfilled.

Primary: Kings and Prophets

These lessons focus on the stories in 2 Samuel and 1 and 2 Kings, continuing where last quarter left off: from David bringing the ark to Jerusalem to Elisha healing Naaman of leprosy. Students will witness what happens when people follow and obey God. They will also see what happens when the same people turn away from God and disobey Him. Most importantly, students will learn that God loves and provides for us always and is eager to forgive us when we’ve sinned. God wants to live in each one of us and empower us by His Spirit to do His will.

Preschool/Kindergarten: God – Always in Control, Always with a Plan

These lessons continue where last quarter ended, starting with Noah and the Flood and ending with Joseph saving his family from the famine. Through these lessons the students will see that God is always in control, that He always keeps His promises, and that He always has a plan to bring good out of the worst situations. Finally, they will see that God can be trusted and that if we truly trust Him, we will obey Him.

Bible Studies for Fourth Quarter 2016

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Adult: Jesus Moments

From the author, Elder Ken Lawson:  There is so much to learn from the life of Jesus. The last verse of John says that if we had the record of all Jesus did, the world might not be able to hold all the books (John 21:25). This quarterly does not attempt to study all Jesus’ teachings but selects thirteen special moments in the life of Jesus where His teaching is found in the story itself. In these events, Jesus taught more by actions and interactions than by words. All “Jesus moments” are learning moments, and all His actions have much to teach us. So in each of the selected events in this quarterly, we focus on the Jesus story and attempt to enter it with Him to discover the basic teaching. What we learn is down-to-earth and applicable to everyday life.

Intermediate: The Promise of a Savior

These lessons focus on the prophecies of the Old Testament about Jesus’ first coming, His birth, baptism and temptations. The students will come to understand that we all need a Savior and that Jesus is the answer to our need.

Primary: The Shepherd King

These lessons focus on the stories in 1 Samuel, from Hannah asking God for a son to David becoming the king of Israel. The students will also study Psalm 23.

Preschool: God – Eternal Ruler, Awesome Creator, Loving Savior

These lessons introduce the students to God as the Eternal One who always existed and who created all things. They will learn about Adam and Eve, their fall, and the plan of salvation.

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