Report of Special IMC Sabbath

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Zone 4 Asia

May 17, 2014


It was a great joy and blessing to be united in the Spirit of fellowship with believers in all CoG7 congregations in India and Myanmar.

In Hyderabad, India, Elder Jacob Rao started the special IMC Sabbath service with prayer and reading of Philippians 4:4-7. He then presented a brief history of the International Ministerial Congress and introduced its officers and zone representatives by showing their photos to the congregation. He then read out the message from Elder Ramon Ruiz Garza, IMC president, and explained the salient features of the message in the local Telugu language.

Videos pertaining to the work of CoG7 across the seven IMC zones were shown by using a laptop for the first time. We are very much thankful to IMC Secretary Heber Vega for making these videos that showcase the work of the Church in all IMC member countries in the world.

Prayers were offered for

• IMC leadership, Church leaders, and the churches in 41 IMC member countries;

• leadership in Zone  4, Church leaders, and the churches in India, Myanmar. and Pakistan.

Prayers were also offered for God’s blessings on all the brothers and sisters throughout the world who participated and prayed with us. A great feeling of unity in faith and fellowship with our brothers and sisters around the world was felt when the videos were seen by all. Praise the Lord!

Special prayers were offered for all the servants of God, who tirelessly preach “the gospel of the kingdom.” Information was shared about the current status of the churches in Zone 4 (Asia) and church planting plans for 2014-15.

The celebration ended with the priestly benediction of Numbers 6:24-26. Peace and blessings to all.




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