Master Artist

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Master Artist

The canvas must be silent

as the artist paints the scene.

The paper, too, waits anxiously

while the author shares his dream.

The many lines surrender

to the architect’s keen plan.

The clay must yield to form 

and shape . . .

in the gentle potter’s hand.

And we, the most unyielding

of the universal tools,

must learn to be compliant

in the way we will be used.

God works on us throughout

our lives.

For only He’s aware . . .

behind our masks of make


A wounded soul lies bare.


Marcia K. Leaser


Marcia K. Leaser
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Marcia K. Leaser has been writing for 50 years and has had over 1,000 things published. She’s written 55 songs, twelve books, and many articles and poems. Marcia does programs in which she performs 20-minute monologues she’s written. One is “A Mother’s Point of View,” with Mary telling how it was to raise Jesus from the manger to the cross. Marcia is married with two grown daughters and five grandchildren, and lives in Fremont, OH.