The Dusty Bible

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I found an old, old Bible 

Tucked away with other books.

And felt perhaps a treasure lay

within its pages — so I looked. 

I didn’t find a treasure rare

inside the book itself.

But upon the faded pages

were gifts beyond man’s wealth.

The words told a wondrous story

A time I’d never seen.

A cross with blood upon it,

a Man who died for me.

I thought I’d find possessions

Searching that forgotten nook.

Instead I found my Lord and Savior

hidden in a dusty book.

– Marcia K. Leaser     

Marcia K. Leaser
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Marcia K. Leaser has been writing for 50 years and has had over 1,000 things published. She’s written 55 songs, twelve books, and many articles and poems. Marcia does programs in which she performs 20-minute monologues she’s written. One is “A Mother’s Point of View,” with Mary telling how it was to raise Jesus from the manger to the cross. Marcia is married with two grown daughters and five grandchildren, and lives in Fremont, OH.