A Christian’s Legacy

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If I teach you the love of nature —
to respect all living things
by being kind to animals
strangers, and friends —

Yet . . . don’t teach you about God,
I’ve taught you simply compassion
not hope.

If I show you the beauty of the ocean —
to notice its vastness
by exploring its majesty
and mystery —

Yet . . . not introduce you to its Creator,
I’ve shown you only today
not eternity.

If I give you ample space —
to make your own way
by allowing you to be
who you are —

Yet . . . not explain the path before you,
I’ve given you merely life
not destiny.

Marcia K. Leaser
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Marcia K. Leaser has been writing for 50 years and has had over 1,000 things published. She’s written 55 songs, twelve books, and many articles and poems. Marcia does programs in which she performs 20-minute monologues she’s written. One is “A Mother’s Point of View,” with Mary telling how it was to raise Jesus from the manger to the cross. Marcia is married with two grown daughters and five grandchildren, and lives in Fremont, OH.