Is it Right for My Wife to Divorce Me for Adultery?

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I ran into a really bad problem. I’m married, and I slept with another lady. My wife will never for­give me. She’s leaving me, as the Bible says. We’ve been married three years (I’m 20), and I love her. Is it right for her to divorce? I don’t understand. Please help me.

I’m sorry your marriage seems to be coming to an end, partly because of your unfaithfulness to your wife. You seem to understand that you were the major cause of this problem.

The Bible does not require anyone to divorce his/her spouse because of sexual unfaithfulness, but it does permit divorce for that cause. If she wanted to, your wife could forgive and take you back; have you confessed your offense to her and asked for her forgiveness?

If you have and she refuses to change her mind, the best you can do is change yourself. Repent before God and seek His Spirit to fill you with love and joy and peace and to give you a new nature — one that your wife has probably never seen in you before.

Maybe, just maybe, when she sees you are different, she may be persuaded to postpone this divorce. But you must not make the change for this reason. Make it because it is the right thing to do, and let God take care of the results and your wife. However your mar­riage turns out, you will turn out to be a godly man. That is what God wants from you right now.

— Elder Calvin Burrell

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Calvin Burrell is former editor of the Bible Advocate and former director of G. C. Missions. He retired in 2015 and lives with his wife, Barb, in Stayton, OR. They attend church in Marion, OR.