Introducing Artios Christian College

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Artios Magazine is a publication of LifeSpring School of Ministry. In May of 2016, LifeSpring School of Ministry announced that it is changing its name to Artios Christian College.

Here is the announcement, in case you missed it:

Over the past 7 years LifeSpring School of Ministry has transformed from a fledging ministry school to a vibrant Christian college that is equipping Christian leaders in all areas of ministry.

As it continues to grow, there has been one word that has significantly inspired and influenced what LifeSpring is becoming. That word is artios (Greek: AR’-tee-oss). Artios is a concept highlighted in Ephesians 4 that embodies three elements key to equipping believers for vibrant ministry:
· Embracing solid biblical foundations,
· Restoring and realigning lives and relationships to reflect God’s intent
· Stewarding gifts and calling with focused training

Not only has artios come to define what LifeSpring is about, it continues to shape who we are becoming: Therefore, the administration of LifeSpring School of Ministry is proud to announce that in January 2017, LifeSpring School of Ministry will become known as Artios Christian College.

LifeSpring staff members are immensely excited about the future of Artios and are currently reimagining all of the aspects of this change. As the roll-out date of January 2017 approaches, plans are being put into place to make this transition a huge success. Follow Artios Magazine for continued updates!

Artios Magazine

Artios Magazine (pronouced AR-tee-oss) is a publication of Artios Christian College (, an online-based college that exists to serve Christ and His Body by equipping leaders for a “vibrant 21st century Church“. Believing that all Christians have a natural realm of influence, our mission is to partner with you in your natural realm of influence by connecting you with resources that equip you to more effectively invite people to experience the Kingdom of God.