Go Movement

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This is a unique moment in history. While 2020 was a year of trials and sufferings that we’ll never forget, God was at work, unifying believers and galvanizing leaders. In 2020, 57 million believers in 150 nations engaged in what’s called the Go Movement. It is an initiative to compel and equip every believer to engage in relational evangelism, and ultimately to fulfill the Great Commission – a task we believe we’ll see completed in our lifetime, and one that’s possible within the next ten years.

In May, there will be a new surge of prayer and evangelism that ripples into the rest of the year as Go21. This year’s month-long catalyst takes place to equip and inspire believers in the US to effectively share the gospel.

On the Go21 website, individuals can sign up now to have access to the Go21 web app, offering daily devotionals and encouragement throughout May. They can also access tools from leading Christian organizations to grow in relational evangelism.

Visit Go21 for more information.

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