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In one month Sight & Sound Theatres® will premiere the brand new original stage production DAVID, coming to audiences in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, beginning March 12, 2022. Almost four years in the making, DAVID is a state-of-the-art live experience that uses theatrical wonders to portray the story of one of the Bible’s most legendary figures, who notoriously rose from shepherd to king after defeating the giant Goliath.

Sight & Sound witnessed God’s faithfulness as it faced its own Goliath during the pandemic. Forced to close both its Lancaster and Branson locations in 2020, Sight & Sound had to reduce its staff from hundreds to only a handful. Yet the vision for DAVID continued to become a reality.

In the wake of the shutdown, Sight & Sound’s leadership decided that even without employees on-site, they were going to move forward with the production timeline of DAVID. Producer Ryan Miller and a small group of key players worked on the story independently for a few months until the full team could be back creating together.

The production of DAVID will freshly present the familiar Bible story when it premieres on Sight & Sound’s 300-foot panoramic stage in Lancaster, with giant sets, unbelievable special effects, and original music inspired by the Psalms. Additionally, theater attendees are in for a surprise at the reveal of Goliath, one of the most complicated special effects Sight & Sound has ever designed.

For more ticket and event information, visit https://www.sight-sound.com/.

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