The Weak Worker

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The Weak Worker 

Ambassador-at-large should be my role

With headquarters moving through my day,

Reflecting best my Savior is my goal

Though at times I fail Him miserably.

Why I’m kept on the payroll, I don’t know.

I learn but slight, am quick with slip of tongue

And sometimes feel my progress is but slow.

His patience is incomprehensible

His continual love a great wonder

How can His thoughts toward me be so high, 

When at times my life seems one great blunder?

Lord, use me to expand Your kingdom.

Use me in spite of myself and my failure

To help prepare more people for heaven,

To see crowds of people most peculiar.

Glen L. Blesi


Glen L. Blesi
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Glen L. Blesi has published articles and poetry in Daily Meditation, Evangel The Gem, The Mennonite, Standard, and other publications. His book reviews have appeared in Creative Reading,,, and Glen is co-editor of Eskimo Carvers of the Bering Sea (1994), The Call of the Hills (2004), Where Dead Men Still Fight (2009), At Our Wit's End (2009), Gleanings from the Past, Vol 1 (2013), and Images of American: Union, Missouri (2013). Glen lives in Nixa, MO.