Now What?

Now What? is a monthly e-zine almost entirely made up of personal experience stories that show people’s struggles that either led them to faith in Christ or deepened their walk with God. Some stories also include resources for such things as addictions, mental illness, and grief.   Click Here To Read Now What? Online   […]

This Issue’s Poet

Susan Rehberg (“Glory!” p. 24) has reached over 500,000 readers with her writing that has appeared in Evangel, Live, Purpose, The Secret Place, and Bible Advocate. She has also written several books: Letters to the Shepherd, A Time to be Held, A Time to be Still, and A Time for Growing. Susan has received a […]

Field Reports

The missionary fills the roles of preacher, teacher, evangelist, and prayer warrior. He travels in adverse conditions, adjusts to culture shock, and gets ill. The greater the adversity, the greater glory Christ receives.   Sierra Leone In a refugee camp, Brian Baker and I found a prostitute with a baby sick of AIDS. Brian prayed […]

More Simply Jesus

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