What Were You Thinking, Lord?

After fifty years serving the Church, my wife and I were happily settled into retirement. The last nineteen years of pastoral ministry had taken us more than twelve hundred miles from children and grandchildren, but retirement brought us back to Denver, Colorado. What wonderful times we anticipated as we settled into our home. We were […]

Love: In Union with Christ

Is the hope for Jesus’ return close to your heart and mind as it was for first century disciples who believed that Jesus would return in their lifetime?

In One Accord

We called them “campmeetings,” and sometimes they were just that — with the main meetings in a big tent. For smaller groups, we went to the corners of the tent, or outside if weather permitted. We sat on folding chairs and were not always comfortable. We camped out in tents or small trailers. We loved […]

Choosing Godly Leaders

This summer brings change in leadership for many congregations and for our whole denomination. We are the ones selecting most of this change, for better or for worse.

A Leader Reflects

The BA talks with outgoing G. C. President Whaid Rose about his eighteen years of service and his future. BA: For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar, briefly review your personal spiritual journey. WR: I was born on the island of Jamaica and raised by my staunch Seventh-day Adventist grandmother. I accepted Christ at […]

Our Rest, His Glory

  Rest: What a glorious word! Those who’ve labored under a summer sun know the blessing simple rest can bring. Remember that tall glass of iced lemonade under a shaded porch with a gentle breeze blowing? Rest, even in small portions, is glorious indeed!

Missional Sabbath

Some people claim that we who keep Sabbath on the seventh day are legalistic, exchanging God’s grace for law, earning salvation by works. But Isaiah 58 tells a different story — that Sabbath is a grace of God bestowed on humanity.

Jesus on the Sabbath

    Growing up in Sabbathkeeping churches, I’ve heard hundreds of sermons dealing, directly or indirectly, with Sabbath. Most of these didn’t say much about Jesus and the Sabbath. Rather, they provided theological base, arguments for observance, and Sabbath rules from the Old Testament. From these sermons alone, one could suspect that Jesus rarely mentioned […]

A Time to Grow

  I wasn’t always as enthusiastic about the Sabbath as I am today. Twenty-five years ago, I thought Sabbath was just another word for church — something I did with my lola (Filipino for grandmother). I always greeted the day as her chaperone, carrying things for her, hearing her hum old hymns, and wondering what […]

The Blessed Day

    The week has passed. My work is done. Sun has set; Sabbath is here. I’m so ready.