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The Faithlife TV original documentary Authorized explores the argument of whether the King James Bible is still beneficial for modern-day Christians. Hosted by Mark Ward, Ph.D., biblical scholar and author of the book Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible, this 45-minute documentary makes a case for this classic Bible translation by unpacking the language of the original 1611 King James Bible in comparison to today’s vernacular.

Ward grew up reading the King James Bible exclusively, believing it to be the best and most accurate version, as many Christians still do. However, when he discovered “false friends” and realized that he had been misreading some of his favorite scriptures for years, he took a step back and began to consider whether more modern translations, such as the New International Version, served some purpose after all.

In Authorized, Ward joins fellow scholars to explore the evolution of the English language and how it affects the way readers understand different versions of the Bible, both new and old. With engaging dialogue and humorous game show settings that invite viewers to participate in understanding the King James Bible vernacular, Ward leads a compelling conversation that can benefit audiences of all ages.

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