Sherri Langton

When the Answer is No

I stared at the mortuary pamphlet in my hand. Dates, times, places. Death — the death of my grandfather, Emmett. My eyes scanned the page and froze at the name under Officiant. It was my name — not a minister, but Emmett’s granddaughter. Three days before, my grandfather succumbed to emphysema. Only a handful of […]

No Regrets

I toss my gym bag over my shoulder and head for the exit at the rec center. Normally I tune out sounds from the racquetball court as I pass by it. But this day, the squeaks from shoes on a polished floor and the ricochet of a slammed ball make me stop. My mind suddenly […]

Preparing for the Plunge

“I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” After saying these words, my pastor lowered me into the warm waters of the baptistry. I closed my eyes, pinched my nose, and relaxed my body. Once I was lifted out of the water, exhilaration flooded me. […]