Manasseh Mark Bombeo

Why, Lord?

What is the reason for the hardships we encounter? Why do we have to endure them in our day-to-day lives? Don’t get me wrong. It should be a comfort knowing that as we go through trials, there is One who is aware and is always looking out for us. But when struck at that moment, […]

Heart Matters

The obsessive and exaggerated observance of church system and practice is common in the modern church. Nothing is wrong with proper church systems. But a temptation lurks in the excessive desire for orderly service and religious programming above the spiritual health of people.

A Time to Grow

  I wasn’t always as enthusiastic about the Sabbath as I am today. Twenty-five years ago, I thought Sabbath was just another word for church — something I did with my lola (Filipino for grandmother). I always greeted the day as her chaperone, carrying things for her, hearing her hum old hymns, and wondering what […]