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Por El Camino Correcto: Estructurando Su Clase de Escuela Sabática para el Éxito – Parte 2

Semana tras semana, año tras año, estudiantes de todas las edades, desde bebés hasta ancianos, toman asiento para participar en alguna forma de educación cristiana. Y al final de cada clase de la Escuela Sabática o estudio Bíblico, nos ponemos de pie, nos retiramos, y la mayoría de las veces, olvidamos rápidamente la mayor parte […]

Por El Camino Correcto: Estructurando Su Clase de Escuela Sabática para el Éxito – Parte 1

Una vez al año, los chicos de las clases de Escuela Sabática de mi congregación son llamados al frente del santuario. Con sonrisas en sus caras, reciben certificados y, en muchos casos, son « promovidos » a sus nuevas clases. Un sábado en particular hace varios años, veía esta ceremonia con temor y temblor, ya que marcó […]

Receiving the Gift of Rest

Exhausted from a long, demanding day, Joseph feels his body begin to release stress and his mind struggle to let go of its seemingly endless list of responsibilities. It’s almost Sunday, he tells himself. Maybe I’ll finally get a chance to rest. The sad irony is that this is a relatable situation for many pastors, […]

The Covenant of Vocation

“What is your calling?” If we were visiting over tea, what would your gut response be? Would you think for a while before answering, or would the words drip freely from your mouth? Embedded within humanity is this deep-felt desire to not only know that our lives have meaning but also experience the peace of […]

painting of the last supper

Esta Noche Recordamos (Una Refleción en la Santa Cena)

Los trastes se amontonan, desacuerdos ruidosos hacen eco en las paredes decoradas por los pequeñuelos, las actualizaciones de novedades acosan y agitan y transmiten destrucción y angustia. Recojo un lego más extraviado del piso mientras apretujo mis dientes para evitar explotar en una “esterilizada” maldición de frustración. Hoy, es tan fácil olvidar que esta noche, recordamos. […]

painting of the last supper

Tonight We Remember (A Reflection on the Lord’s Supper)

Dishes pile up, noisy disagreements echo off of toddler-decorated walls, my newsfeed baits and agitates and broadcasts destruction and heartache. I pick yet another wayward Lego off the floor as my teeth clench to narrowly avoid lashing out in frustration. Today, it is so easy to forget that tonight, we remember. We remember that… The […]

How to Study God

“There weren’t a lot of books on leadership in those days, so I studied leadership by reading biographies of leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.” When my mentor shared how he had studied leadership as a young man, it initially took me by surprise, especially when I mentally surveyed my growing library […]

mother and child

Jesus’ Secrets to Saving Parents’ Sanity

Being a parent is intimidating. It isn’t just the funhouse of potty-training, bedtime (why won’t they sleep?!), sibling squabbles, schoolwork, table manners, and housework that threaten my sanity…it’s the knowledge that I have to navigate this maze of mirrors while actually teaching them things. Important things. I have to teach them, these four daughters of mine, not […]

Living With the End in Mind

A never-ending angelic choir concert: This was the scene that played in my little brother’s mind when he heard the words “eternity with Christ.” Far from being an enticing prospect, this was actually closer to his greatest nightmare. In his short life, he had become an obedient yet reluctant regular at choral events, and he […]

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From Modernity to Postmodernity: A Primer for Leaders – Part 4

Christianity is changing. Not in the core essentials that were affirmed by the apostles. But rather, the way we talk about, communicate, and even view our faith has changed radically in the past few decades. Anyone who spends much time reading serious analysis of 21st century Christianity, culture, and ministry will frequently come across the […]