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The internationally popular Ark Encounter celebrated its third anniversary in July, and guests will have many new venues to experience in the fourth year.

Answers in Genesis (AiG), which operates the Ark Encounter with a full-size Noah’s ark as the centerpiece, continues to engage in major expansions through 2019. Not surprising, tourist-related businesses in northern Kentucky/Cincinnati continue to flourish, with new hotels being built throughout the area to meet the demand for lodging.

The Ark Encounter themed attraction has been radically transforming recently, including:

  • The addition of a 2,500-seat auditorium inside the Answers Center, with a massive 70-foot-long LED screen on the stage. Well-known musicians and Bible conferences have been booked, including internationally popular singers and songwriters the Gettys (October 9) and a national conference against racism.
  • The doubling in size of the Ararat Ridge Zoo behind the ark. A walk-through kangaroo and emu area will be opening in a few months. The zoo’s expansion will open progressively through the fall, with the addition of lemurs, sloths, African tortoise, aoudad goats, live animal shows, and more.
  • The opening of a large new family play area. Built by Playground Equipment Services, this family play area is accessible by all children and adults. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to have fun with their kids as a family activity. This cutting-edge playground has been specially designed for children of all abilities.

As the Ark Encounter begins its fourth year this month in Williamstown, Kentucky, and continues to expand, it looks forward to growing attendance and contributing even more to the region’s economy. Soon, the addition of new hotels will mean that more people will be visiting the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.

Answers in Genesis is an apologeticsministry based in northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati. The Ark Encounter, which sometimes draws 8,000 guests in a day, opened in 2016 and features a 510-foot-long Noah’s ark. West of the Cincinnati airport and next to the AiG headquarters, the Creation Museum has welcomed over 4 million visitors and has also become a major family attraction in the Midwest. For more information on the two world-renowned attractions, visit

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