Where Standeth Thou?

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by M.S. Marrs

The Master left a task to do,

To test our faith and patience too,

And train us for a life anew;

— Supernal.


With longing voice He makes the call,

And offers peace to great and small,

And happiness to one and all;

— Eternal.


Then do you wish to take your place

In the game of life, and run the race,

With human zeal and Christian grace;

— Undaunted?


Or will you always, from afar,

Just be content from where you are,

To criticize a shining star,

— Thats wanted.


Pray were you into being brought,

By some who had no careful tho’t,

Or have you set good works at naught,

— O Youthful?


Nay Sleeper! Now’s no time to dream

Of worldly wealth and pleasures mean,

Yea, rather seek a righteous theme;

— Be Fruitful.

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