What about Her?

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The Bible contains many instances of men who were redeemed by God and released from the trappings of their sins. However, due to the patriarchal circumstances of the time, there are fewer stories of the women whose lives were also changed through their relationship with God, prompting the question “What about them?”

In her new book What about Her? author and spiritual leader Gina R. J. Butler seeks to answer this very question, connecting modern women with the stories of biblical women who fell short but ultimately found atonement through Christ. The women all hail from the lineage of Jesus or encountered Him during His time on earth, but come from unique circumstances: Tamar, an abandoned daughter-in-law; Rahab, a benevolent prostitute; Ruth, a grieving widow; Bathsheba, a naive adulteress; and Mary, an unwed pregnant teenager.

In this engaging, easy-to-read study, readers will learn about each of these women and discover how their stories relate to the issues they may face in their own lives. Originally written for a small group setting and filled with questions for self-reflection, What about Her? reads like a warm conversation between friends and assures women they are not alone in their struggles, nor are they out of reach from God’s saving grace.

Designed for readers with varying levels of biblical exposure, the book demonstrates that Christ, who uplifted and altered the lives of Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, Mary, and others, extends the same grace to all those who seek Him.

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christianbook, and WestBow Press.

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