TeenSafe App: Hitting Pause

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Leading parental smartphone monitoring service TeenSafe has announced an updated version of its mobile app, featuring an innovative new tool for parents of screen-obsessed teens: the Pause button. Now parents can reclaim family time by halting activity on their child’s device from anywhere at any time. It works by blocking all apps, all text messages, and Internet browsing. Between distracted driving, late-night texting, and addictive games, the TeenSafe app exists to help parents reign in their kids’ screen use. It is available for free from the iPhone App Store, or www.teensafe.com.

According to Common Sense Media, 50 percent of teens feel addicted to their phones, and 72 percent feel a compulsive need to immediately respond to texts. More than 3,000 teen deaths occur from texting and driving each year, and academic performance has faltered due to cell phone use. But with the TeenSafe app, parents can pause distracting activity so teens can focus on the task at hand – whether it’s driving, homework, or just spending quality time at the dinner table.

The TeenSafe app also offers an advanced feature, Scheduling, so that parents can block certain apps or services on a recurring basis. Parents who want additional smartphone monitoring capabilities can upgrade to TeenSafe’s Premium services for $14.95/month. This gives parents the ability to view:

  • Sent, received, and deleted SMS and iMessages
  • Call logs of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Current smartphone location and its history
  • Web search and browsing history
  • Contacts
  • And much, much more

Through its online blog, TeenSafe offers free resources, knowledge, and insights into digital parenting. Visit TeenSafe.com.


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