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Our Witness, Our Worship

Reframing the Great Commission.

The Power of #ServantLeadership

In our click-bait world of tips, tricks, and top-ten lists, #servantleadership is one aspect of leadership that often gets shuffled to the sidelines. Intricate topics—like creating brand ambassadors, promoting individual growth, embracing work/life blend, fostering corporate culture, cultivating employee development, and SMART goal setting—tend to dominate the leadership conversation. While these topics are indeed valuable, […]

Why Church? Part 2

Picking up where we left off in the print edition, we must answer three primary questions if we’re to find church community, stay in it, and thrive in our God-given calling within the body of Christ: Can I agree on basic doctrines? Am I able to worship there? Am I able to serve there? As […]

Una Visión Para la Educación Cristiana en la Iglesia Local

¿Ha visto a ese niño de tres años que no puede quedarse quieto durante el sermón? ¿Aquel cuyo padre tuvo que sacarlo de la reunión de adoración tres veces la semana pasada porque estaba interrumpiendo? Sí… ese niño. Bueno, en 15 años él tendrá 18, se estará graduando de la escuela preparatoria y del grupo […]

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A Vision for Christian Education in the Local Church – Part 3

You see that three-year-old who can’t sit still during the sermon? The one whose daddy had to take him out of the worship gathering three times last week because he was being disruptive? Yeah…that one. Well, in 15 years he will be 18, graduating from high school and youth group. What if I told you […]