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Why We Need Administration in Church Ministries

Why We Need Administration in Church Ministries

Effective administration in each ministry means that the church’s ministries are working together for the edification of the church body.

5 Reasons the Church Needs Administration


When done right, church administration is essential for accomplishing the heart of any effective church ministry—equipping discipleship.

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Church Administration: From Fluff to Function

Administration. The sight of that word either makes you cringe or giddy with anticipation to get stuff done. Me? I cringe a little. Over the past few years I have begun to realize that “church” is not just a place where people come to meet once or twice a week and then go home. It […]

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Worship by Design

Dynamic and life changing worship is the result of deliberate design.

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El Negocio de la Adoración: Por qué la Administración de la Iglesia no es Aburrida

Pocas cosas valen la pena para embalar cuatro niños menores de 10 años en un vehículo y conducir 2,058 millas a través del país… y luego de regreso. Sorprendentemente, para mi familia, cuatro días fascinantes de – espéralo – sesiones de negocios de la iglesia acaba de pasar a ser una de esas cosas. Tenemos […]

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The Business of Worship: Why Church Administration isn’t Boring

Few things are worth packing four children under the age of 10 into a vehicle and driving 2,058 miles across the country…and then back. Amazingly, for my family, four riveting days of  – wait for it – church business meetings happens to be one of them. We have this belief that church business meetings are unique – […]