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From Modernity to Postmodernity: A Primer for Leaders – Part 2

Let’s face it – American culture has undergone radical changes in the past several decades. For Christians, the changes seem to be happening faster than most of us can comprehend. How can we influence a culture to follow Christ when it seems like we are speaking two different languages? Especially when it seems like even […]

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From Modernity to Postmodernity: A Primer for Leaders – Part 1

Do you ever glance through a newsfeed and wonder, “how can people think that way?!” It can be tempting to just look away in disgusted anger. And yet, as Christians who are navigating today’s culture in the hope of influencing others to follow our path to Christ, we would be wise to follow Stephen Covey’s famous […]

What is a Bible-based church?

Driving through Dallas recently, I saw a First Baptist Church billboard saying that they are Bible based. How does that differ from your claim to be a Bible-based church?   Your question offers another opportunity to think and talk about a few of our favorite things: the Bible, the church, and the agreements and disagreements among […]