Sing along with Scripture!

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In association with Oodles World, award-winning actress, singer, and songwriter Cassie Byram is planting God’s Word in children’s hearts with the release of TreasureToons on October 4. This whimsical animated series of sing-along videos is aimed at enabling young children to memorize Bible verses. The first installment in the TreasureToons brand will be available exclusively for digital download at iTunes and on DVD at

TreasureToons is a family endeavor, inspired by Byram’s Lifetime Scripture Songs album Wonderfully Made and produced in collaboration with her husband, Amick Byram (Grammy and Emmy nominated singing/actor) and their musically talented adult sons. Together, the Byrams have crafted a series of colorful lyric videos filled with memorable songs, friendly characters, and an animated world that children will want to explore over and over again.

Loaded with more than 50 minutes of delightful entertainment, combined with original music from world-class musicians, these videos use lyrics straight from the Bible. Every song on the TreasureToons DVD is beautifully animated to match the message of each particular scripture verse and capture the imagination and attention of small children.


TreasureToons has been approved by the prestigious Dove Foundation.

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