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Five-time cancer survivor, radio personality, and popular podcast host Erin Weidemann was discussing birthday gifts for her then five-year-old niece when she realized her niece knew every Disney princess, but not a single woman from the Bible. This epiphany became the catalyst for what has become the bestselling series for young girls, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz.

In the series, Rooney Cruz is introduced to women in the Bible who made significant decisions that serve as lessons for us today. In the first installment of the series, young girls learned about Prayer, Patience, Bravery, Loyalty, and Leadership from Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth, and Deborah. In Erin’s newest book, Ringleaders (November 9), Rooney Cruz learns about living out her faith. 

In Ringleaders, Rooney meets six women from the New Testament: Elizabeth, Mary the mother of Jesus, the Samaritan woman (at the well), Mary and Martha, and Mary Magdalene. Through the stories of these women, Rooney learns she can use her voice to share the good news that God has called her to deliver. Young readers will be inspired to identify their own voice and use it for God’s glory and to build His kingdom.

Erin Weidemann is the co-founder of Truth Becomes Her, a brand that equips moms and women with resources to help them step into their unique leadership roles. She is a nationally recognized speaker, radio personality, certified teacher and sought-after homeschool consultant, and host of the Heroes for Her Podcast.

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