Patterns of Evidence: Young Explorers

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Thinking Man Films, the company behind the award-winning documentary Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, is releasing its newest DVD series Patterns of Evidence: Young Explorers. This series follows ten students as they explore the world of ancient Egypt and the Bible, looking for ancient clues in the biblical text that prepare them for face-to-face encounters with Egyptologists and archaeologists. The series, which targets 8-15 year olds, will release its first episode, Abraham’s Promise, on DVD this month.

Patterns of Evidence: Young Explorers was created by filmmaker Timothy Mahoney of Thinking Man Films to compliment his award-winning documentary Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus.

“In today’s culture there is strong opposition to the validity of the Bible,” says Mahoney. “These attacks are often aimed at young people in the areas of science and history. Even in some Christian circles, there is a trend to downplay the Bible as an accurate historical account from creation onward. However, the Christian faith is uniquely built on God acting through history, and the entire Bible’s teachings flow from that reality. That is why Patterns of Evidence: Young Explorers is so important today! It demonstrates compelling evidence that affirms the trustworthiness of the Bible.”

Five episodes are planned of Young Explorers:

DVD 1 (Episode 1): The Adventure of Abraham’s Promise

DVD 2 (Episode 2): The Search for the Amazing Rise of Joseph

DVD 3 (Episode 3): The Case of Israelite Slaves and the Forgetful Pharaoh

DVD 4 (Episode 4): The Hunt for Ten Plagues and the Exodus from Egypt

DVD 5 (Episode 5): The Mystery of Joshua and the Falling Walls of Jericho


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