NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

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Last August, Zondervan released the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, representing decades of historical and cultural research on the ancient world. The Bible includes notes and resources hand-picked by respected scholars John H. Walton (Old Testament) and Craig Keener (New Testament).

The robust study tools and features stand apart from other study Bibles by focusing on the cultural context of each passage. Notes, book introductions, and articles totaling approximately 15 volumes of content ground an additional 375 vivid full-color photos, illustrations, and maps, drawing readers in and bringing the ancient world of Scripture to life. The NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible includes a concordance, cross-references, endnotes, glossary, index to articles, and the words of Christ in red.

Since its release in late summer, this study Bible has done exceptionally well. Want to read more about it? Visit

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