My Little Lamb

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The makers of My Little Lamb™ have revised the sound and content of their stuffed animal audio Bible player. The latest version of My Little Lamb™ with updated and additional content is now available for purchase online at and on Amazon. This comes after they considered the valued feedback from their family of users and decided to implement some of the suggestions received, such as a variety of male and female voices reading selected books of the Bible.

More than 100 audio files have been included on the latest version of My Little Lamb™. These include songs, stories, selected Psalms, John, Ephesians, and Philippians. The songs, like “God is So Good” and ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” were specifically recorded for children to enjoy and sing along with throughout the day, and can help them to sleep better at night.

According to Brandon Honsalek, founder of My Little Lamb™, the main message is the gospel. “The Word of God comforts and encourages us. Listening to the audio Bible on My Little Lamb™ will help children who are struggling with fear and anxiety during bedtime.” In every situation, and especially now where COVID has resulted in isolation, depression, and uncertainty about the future, adults and children alike need to be reminded of God’s truth, love, and provision.

As we see our children so attached to screens these days, My Little Lamb™ is a refreshing alternative with hours of biblical engagement and uplifting entertainment. The soft toy is made of skin-safe hypoallergenic polyester plush material and is washable after the battery pack is removed. Watch our video of My Little Lamb™ on YouTube. My Little Lamb™ can be purchased online at and on Amazon now.

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