Most Unusual Friends

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The tale of the Good Samaritan remains one of the cornerstones of Luke’s Gospel, relating a universal story of helping those in need. In Most Unusual Friends: From Farmer Pete’s Pond, author Linda Derby shares an adapted version of this classic parable. It inspires young readers to recognize that help can come from the unexpected.

The book chronicles the adventures of three pond animals: Don’t Touch Froggy, Eek the Snake, and the hearing-impaired salamander, Sal the Man-Deer. Derby provides a modern twist on the parable. Farmer Pete is about to burn down his cornfield where Eek is sleeping in the scarecrow’s pocket. Froggy and Sal receive unexpected help from a group of nearby toads, and rescue Eek just in time.

Full of colorful illustrations, the book sheds light on the importance of human kindness and urges young readers to show compassion, seek God’s truth, and be kind to others.

“I loved teaching my grandchildren stories that had biblical undertones — stories that would entertain and educate with life-long lessons,” Derby said. “This fresh take on the Good Samaritan parable will engage children and adults with lessons old and new.”

Most Unusual Friends is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Westbow Press.


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