Luther and Me / Reformation

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Luther and Me (German with English subtitles) – October 30, TV-14

German made-for-TV movie Luther and Me chronicles the life of Katharina von Bora, a sixteenth century nun who ends up playing a major role in the Reformation revolution. After reading Martin Luther’s writings about the freedom of the individual, she decides to leave her cloistered life in the convent and join his reform movement in Wittenberg. The film is directed by Julia von Heinz, winner of the 2017 Baden-Baden TV Film Festival award for Best Director, and co-stars Bavarian TV Award nominee for Best Actress Karoline Schuch as Katarina Luther and Bavarian TV Award winner for Best Actor Devid Striesow as Martin Luther.

Watch trailer here.


Reformation (German with English subtitles) – October 30, TV-14

The lavish two-part historical drama Reformation presents the story of the little monk from Wittenberg who put the “protest” into Protestant and rocked the religious establishment of his time. His big beef: the church’s teaching that people could pay their way into heaven. Rome threw everything at him short of execution, but the damage was done. Within years of his original protest, Germans would be reading the Bible for themselves in their own dialect, thanks to a vigorous translation written by an unstoppable, ex-communicated Martin Luther. And for a special treat, one of Luther’s arch opponents, Cardinal Albrecht, is played by Joachim Król, who stars in the first four episodes of MHz Choice’s Donna Leon’s Brunetti Mysteries.

Watch trailer here

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