Herod’s Secret Policeman

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Open Doors has released a new tool for families and churches that helps children understand religious persecution in an age-appropriate way. The children’s story book and animated video Herod’s Secret Policeman tells the fictional tale of Secret Policeman Number 3 (and his toy sheep, Nellie), of the people he met on the journey, and the way in which the encounter with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph changed him forever.

“It’s an imaginative take on this familiar story so central to our faith. But more than that, Herod’s Secret Policeman will introduce children — in a very gentle way — to the pressures faced by believers around the world, many of whom live under surveillance, or are at risk because of their faith,” said Open Doors US CEO Ryan Brown. “It helps children understand that some Christians today might even have to flee for their lives, just as Mary, Joseph, and Jesus did.”

The book and video are available for download at opendoorsus.ubpages.com/herods-place/. More information about what believers endure around the world and how US Christians can pray for them can be found at Open Doors.

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