Gracie’s Garden

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As the world moved into quarantine to curb the spread of COVID-19 earlier this year, more families planted gardens than ever before. Parents, many looking for worthwhile activities for their little ones home from school, found a unique educational experience as they planted seeds in soil and watched what happened.

In her recent debut children’s book, Gracie’s Garden (B&H Publishing), bestselling author and podcaster Lara Casey explores many important lessons that she and her family have learned in the garden.

Gracie’s Garden is a fun and meaningful story that helps kids learn patience by sowing seeds in faith and expectantly waiting for God to do His work. The main character, Gracie, with the help of an adorable squirrel friend, Nutty, kindly imparts the wisdom she knows about gardening and how God often grows things little by little, to her younger siblings, Joshua and Sarah.

Gracie’s Garden highlights many rich lessons Casey and her family have learned from the garden, including how to celebrate that God grows good things. The book’s characters are based on her own children: Grace, Sarah, and Joshua.

Over the years, Casey has experienced growth in her gardening knowledge too. She provides new gardeners free resources on how to start their own garden in her annual Gardening 101 Guide and on her podcast.

Casey is the creator of the PowerSheets™ Intentional Goal Planner and the Write the Word™ Bible journals. As CEO of Cultivate What Matters and an influential voice online, Casey has almost 300,000 followers on her business and personal platforms on social media. She is the creator and host of Cultivate Your Life, a weekly podcast devoted to helping women get unstuck. She is the author of two bestselling books Make It Happen: Surrender Your Fear, Take the Leap, Live on Purpose and her most recent book, Cultivate: A Grace-Filled Guide to Growing an Intentional Life. Casey also leads the Making Things Happen Conference, in its eleventh year.

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