Prophecy: Salvation Issue?

Sam: I believe the saints will be raptured away before the terrifying rule of Antichrist. Watch out for falling airplanes!

The Whore and the Bride

Ours is a time of fascination with sexuality and its myriad deviations. The “sexual revolution,” traced to the 1960s in the US, is entering its third generation.

“Radical” Medley

As used here, radical is the opposite of nominal, so-called, in name only, lukewarm, and ordinary. Each of these short pieces illustrates the complete commitment to which our radically committed Lord has called us.

Life is Good Today

In college, my first year English professor, Mrs. Wagner, began each class period with an inspiring saying on the board. One of these I often recall: “Each day create a new you again, again, and again.”

Committed to Commission

What in the world is the church for, or the church in the world for? Is it mostly for gathering every Sabbath day? If so, Christianity is no different from other religions that also gather on their sacred days. Is the church chiefly for helping the poor? If so, it will be a social club […]

Letting Go

As young parents, we dedicated our children to the Lord, not knowing where life would take us and how we’d have to let them go.

We Walk the Line

Not to be cute or trendy, this question is posed to help us better grasp the privileges and responsibilities of knowing and following the world’s one true Lord and Savior. The answer to the question will come shortly.

Here Am I; Send Me

When I was 26 years old, I heard God’s call deep inside me to go and preach the gospel. The transforming power of Jesus Christ then led me to seek God more intimately.

Avoiding Holy Huddles

I was thrilled and nervous. At the Washington State Super Sabbath — the first for a long time — people from a variety of backgrounds and traditions (feast days, Pentecostal, etc.) attended, displaying the theme of unity. All of us together in fellowship — momentous!

Necessary Transgressions

A shudder ran through the church the day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. Even for those of us who weren’t surprised by the decision, it came with a sense of foreboding — as if we had reached an end. If there was any doubt before, we are now most certainly living […]