Reflection and Reality

The Bible is a big book — the Book of books. Though its truths are plain and simple in many respects, it can be complex and difficult, too. Let’s settle for simple here.

“Who Do You Say I Am?”

If we are to be disciples, shouldn’t we begin by asking just who we will follow? Or more pointedly, who is our Master? At whose feet will we sit and learn? At whose command will we get up and follow, leaving behind our old life? Who will be the object of our love and loyalty, […]

Live That Life

My husband and I have been youth leaders for twenty years. Lately, we’ve noticed that our youth have a bold, almost reckless, abandon for their faith. We “older” folks proceed with caution, while they are unashamed in their worship, fellowship, and witness.


  The Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot, gives us a vivid picture of what it means to follow Christ. In Old Testament times, the native-born Israelites were commanded to build huts (or sukkahs) and live in them for seven days during the holiday.

Sing a Morning Hymn

The first time Abraham Lincoln met Harriet Beecher Stowe, he half-heartedly said, “So you’re the little lady who wrote the book that started the war.” Stowe is famous for her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852), a heart-wrenching portrayal of the plight of slaves, credited for sparking the Civil War and England’s abolitionist movement.

One Lord Medley

Corinthian Crisis The church in Corinth was much like the church today: It struggled with its Christian identity in the midst of a pagan culture and was trying to deal with many problems as a result. One of them, and quite possibly the worst, didn’t come from outside but from inside: their fleshly bent toward […]

On the Fringe of Feeling

First love! Grade two. I could hold a book in my hand and read it cover to cover. By grade three, I had embraced a love of writing. My “roses are red” sonnet written to a fellow student was rejected and thrown away where my girlfriends found it. (Oh, the embarrassment!) In grade five, an […]

Marks of a Disciple

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are often called Christians. Jesus, however, never referred to those who followed Him as Christians; He called them disciples. The word disciple comes from the Greek word mathetes, which literally means “a learner.” A learner is not only a pupil but also an adherent to the teachings of Jesus. […]

Faith in a Wheelbarrow

The story is told of an American who scoffed at a French tightrope walker. Despite the Frenchman’s long list of daring accomplishments, the American challenged him to come to the United States and do the impossible: cross Niagara Falls blindfolded, on a wire, with a wheelbarrow!

Inch by Inch

With every centimeter of progress heralded by the hallway growth chart, my panic and trepidation become more deeply rooted in the reality that someday — long before I am ready, yet long after my nerves have fragmented — the circus that is my home will send its performers out into the wide open spaces of […]