Calvin Burrell

Is it Wrong to Wear a Cross?

Is it wrong to wear a cross? The bigger issue here is that of Christian symbols. The Bible does not exclude all figures, images, and visible tokens of our faith. At God’s command the Israelites carved many such images into the Levitical tabernacle. Moses shaped a bronze serpent to remind them of God their healer […]

Does the Church of God teach the rapture?

I have a friend who half believes and half doesn’t believe the rapture theory.  He goes by the verse that says we will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.  Please give scripture to prove the Rapture is not true. Your “half-believing” friend has lots of company, what with a popular book […]

Should I question my salvation because I can’t break a bad habit?

I am not sure of my salvation. I tried to repent of cigarette smoking, but it won’t go away. I came as I was, asking Jesus to save me, but nothing makes any difference. Now it seems no hope is left. Will this sin keep me out of heaven? Sin is often experienced in the […]

If I’ve fallen away before, should I question my salvation now?

Many years ago — young, naive, ignorant — I was baptized to please my husband’s family. I was a believer, but I didn’t realize fully what baptism meant. As time went on, I fell away and sinned terribly. Years later my husband and I were re­baptized into the church. Now I have become con­cerned about […]

Are there levels of sin, one greater than another?

Are there levels of sin, one greater than another? People sometimes say that all sins are the same in God’s sight, and there is some truth in that. All sins are the same in that they violate the revealed will of God, generating true guilt. All sins lead to death, unless confessed and forgiven in […]

How many times does one have to receive Jesus Christ as Savior?

How many times does one have to receive Jesus Christ as Savior? Only once, if we then continue this faith for life (Col. 1:23). Hebrews 6:1-6 warns us about turning away from Christ so that it would be necessary to receive Him again, as if for the first time. Receiving Christ as Lord and Savior […]

Is it true that only a few will be saved?

The Bible says that narrow is the way, and only a few will find it. That’s pretty scary. Does it mean that out of millions of humans that ever lived, only a few will actually enter the kingdom? The “few” that will be saved must be understood in comparison to the greater number who will […]

Do Christians sin a little everyday?

Recently, our church spoke of con­fession of sin as a continual experience for the Christian. Is it true that the most godly and trust­ing people sin a little every day? It all depends on how we think of sin. If sin is mostly an outward violation of the great moral laws of God (see 1 […]

What’s the relationship between law and gospel?

I’ve been hearing a lot about the grace of God without works and being saved by faith alone. Some preachers seem to say that obeying God’s law and holy living are no longer important. Am I hearing them right? Is this what the Church teaches? Your question and the answer below introduce us to biblical […]

Are humans really born in sin?

Are humans really born in sin?   The Bible teaches that we were born with the tendency toward evil — the sin nature. This nature shows itself by wrong thoughts, words, and deeds in every single human who ever lived (1 Kings 8:46; Psa. 130:3; Isa. 53:6; 64:6; Rom. 3:23; 1 John 1:8) — except […]