Calvin Burrell

Is Sex Before Marriage Wrong if You Truly Love the Person?

I’ve always been told that sex before marriage is wrong, but I can’t find anything that specifically speaks against it. A friend I’m trying to lead to Jesus wants Bible proof and thinks if you truly love the per­son, there is nothing wrong with having sex. Help! Scripture does not support the view of your […]

Does I Tim 3:12 Refer to Remarriage After Divorce, Polygamy, or Both?

“A deacon must be the husband of but one wife . . .” (1 Tim. 3:12). Does this refer to remarriage after divorce, to polygamy, or to both?  Most Bible students understand this text to address and prohibit polygamy among the church’s leaders, not to deny one who has been divorced for valid cause and […]

Does Scripture Support Getting Married by the Laws of the Land?

My daughter and her boyfriend say they are married because they made a covenant with God. If I can show her in the Bible that a person has to get a license to be married, then she will get one. Does Scripture support getting married by the laws of the land? Beginning a marriage requires […]

What Does Being In God’s Family Mean for Earthly Families?

My brother believes that you needn’t acknowl­edge your earthly family, since we are all in the body of Christ. I know Jesus said that those who do God’s will are His family, but I’m not con­vinced that He no longer recognized His physical family. I seek an answer to something that has torn my family […]

Does the Bible Have Advice for Anger?

I’ve been getting angry and frustrated at my hus­band so quickly, and over little, stupid things. Then I feel horrible. I feel as though our love and friendship are slowly going away, though it isn’t. Can you give me advice from the Bible that will teach me in this situation? Thanks for being vulnerable enough […]

Is it Right for My Wife to Divorce Me for Adultery?

I ran into a really bad problem. I’m married, and I slept with another lady. My wife will never for­give me. She’s leaving me, as the Bible says. We’ve been married three years (I’m 20), and I love her. Is it right for her to divorce? I don’t understand. Please help me. I’m sorry your […]

Is There Info on Dysfunctional Families in the Bible?

Can you provide informa­tion on dysfunctional families in the Bible? The Bible’s first family — Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel — was dysfunctional. Because of the parents’ sin and sibling rivalry, they lost their home, and one brother killed another. The most prominent family in the Bible — Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc. — was mildly […]

What Are Your Views on Godparents?

What are your views on having godparents for babies as they are blessed? While there is no record of godparents in the Bible, it is believed that the Old Testament rite of circumcision, signifying entry of a Jewish male into Hebrew faith, included someone who stood with the parents during this ceremony. If so, this […]

Should I Tithe When My Spouse Doesn’t Approve?

I am baptized and attend church. My husband does not believe nor attend nor approve of tithing. He is the only income provider in our household and gives me money for household expenses. Am I required to tithe from that? Life presents us with some instances in which our attitudes are more important than our […]

Does the Bible Forbid Drinking Wine or Alcoholic Beverages?

Does the Bible forbid drinking wine or alcoholic beverages? Yours is one of those questions to which a yes or no answer will never do full justice. “Forbid” suggests a command against any amount of wine for any purpose. Such a prohibition is not found in Scripture. However, a simple no to your question does […]