Moses on DVD and Digital HD

Sight & Sound Theatres has teamed up with Virgil Films & Entertainment to release the filmed version of their original stage production Moses on October 16. This epic retelling of the adventurous Bible story provides a spectacular entertainment experience for all ages. “More than a million people come to see one of our shows live on […]

Luther and Me / Reformation

Luther and Me (German with English subtitles) – October 30, TV-14 German made-for-TV movie Luther and Me chronicles the life of Katharina von Bora, a sixteenth century nun who ends up playing a major role in the Reformation revolution. After reading Martin Luther’s writings about the freedom of the individual, she decides to leave her cloistered […]

The Keeper of My Heart

In her new book, The Keeper of My Heart, author Ashley Wichlenski helps young girls find their worth through God’s love. Formatted as a series of letters from The Keeper of Your Heart, each page pours out love to young readers. The Keeper of My Heart makes the nature of God’s unconditional love —complete, forever, […]

National Forgiveness and Happiness Day

The National Forgiveness and Happiness Day for God’s people will be held October 7. This year marks the 25th time this day has been celebrated. Please visit to find out more information on the celebration and more on the True Happiness Plan.

Unbroken: Path to Redemption

Unbroken: Path to Redemption will be released in theaters September 14. The film follows the second half of Laura Hillenbrand’s New York Times best-selling book, Unbroken. It tells the inspiring and powerful Louis “Louie” Zamperini’s post-World War II story and his struggle to find peace and forgiveness after his ruthless treatment as a Japanese prisoner […]

This We Believe

Statement of Faith 5 The Church   This we believe: The church of God in Scripture is a spiritual body of believers who hold the faith of Jesus and keep the commandments of God. Under the lordship of Christ and the authority of His Word, the church exists universally and locally for purposes of worshipping […]


One of the most iconic Bible adventures is coming to life in movie theaters nationwide following its debut on the Sight & Sound stage. Moses will entertain cinema audiences of all ages September 13 and 15, including a behind-the-scenes look at the amazing history of Sight & Sound Theatres®, their locations, and stage shows seen […]

September-October 2018

The September-October 2018 issue of the Bible Advocate is now available. Read it online now, or download the PDF in English or Spanish. For black and white print version download the PDF in English or Spanish « Online Exclusives » The September-October 2018 issue of the Bible Advocate.

Thoughts on the Sabbath School Lesson

LESSON FOR FEBRUARY 6, 1937 TRUE LOVE Scripture Reading: 1 John 3:9-16. Golden Text: 1 John 3:11. Last week we learned from the first verse of the reading, 1 John 3:1, that we are children of God by adoption, that is, God calls us His children. Now with the beginning of the reading we have […]

Why Church? Part 2

Picking up where we left off in the print edition, we must answer three primary questions if we’re to find church community, stay in it, and thrive in our God-given calling within the body of Christ: Can I agree on basic doctrines? Am I able to worship there? Am I able to serve there? As […]