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A Pastor’s Dream

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I have a dream of a church without unbiblical legalism that undermines love for our neighbor, and a church without liberalism that tramples on God’s commandments just to please everyone.

I have a dream of a church in which the color of your skin, your immigration status, your economic condition, your political party, or the language you speak is not a barrier to worshipping together, and that at the end of every worship service we can embrace, love, and serve one another.

I have a dream of a church where our relationships are more than just seeing each other once a week with a “Hi” and “Bye,” but where we are a family that helps one another. I dream of us becoming worshippers and servants, not just people who sing a few praises, say a few prayers, listen to a sermon, and then go home as if there were no more people in need.

I have a dream of a church in which we make Jesus’ dream come true “that all of them may be one . . . so that the world may believe that you have sent me” (John 17:21, NIV).

However, I have never found that church — not even the one I pastor — because for one reason or another, we keep arguing over minor issues.

But I commit to doing my best to have a church according to Jesus’ dream, doing what I can until I have no breath. Jesus deserves to see His dream come true.

Oscar Mata
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Oscar Mata is originally from Guatemala, where he earned a law degree and received part of his ministerial training. He and his family moved to South Dakota in February 2010 as missionaries. They planted two congregations (Sioux Falls, SD, and Worthington, MN) and helped another congregation in Mitchell, SD. Oscar and his wife, Nancy, have two daughters (Eunice and Naomi) and one son (Oscar). They live in Sioux Falls, where Oscar is a pastor and works as a hospital chaplain. He loves to spend time with his family, friends, and spiritual family.