Why You Should Build a Leadership Team

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Artios Christian College knows the benefits of working as a leadership team from firsthand experience.

Leadership, especially in ministry, can be lonely. Ephesians 4:11-12 describes several different leadership roles for different people in a team to fulfill in order to build up the church body. God did not design leadership to be isolating. Rather, God designed it to be uplifting as we depend on each other as members of Christ’s body.

This is what we experience at Artios and we’d love for your local church to experience this as well!

How Does a Leadership Team Work?

How does a leadership team work? It starts with identifying members’ gifts, talents, and passions and making space for them to lead in those areas.

Where does it start? With local leaders developing their gifts! This video explains one model we’ve found helpful.


What’s the First Step?

What’s the first step? The next session of LEA 111 Essentials of Vibrant Leadership starts in January 2020. Save your seat here: https://my.artioscollege.org/en/courses/1216

Use the code 25OFF1W20E for the English course or 25OFF1W20S for the Spanish course by December 16 to receive $25 off!

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Amber Mann Riggs is co-director and dean of administration for Artios Christian College and holds a B.A. in Youth Ministry and a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, both from Colorado Christian University. She also directs the worship ministry for her local congregation. Amber is a home-school mom to four young daughters and a smitten wife to her husband, Bryan.