Who is Your Master?

Reading Time: 3 minutes“I just need to check my Instagram one more time before bed.” “If I don’t worry about it, no one…

Stay Focused

Stay Focused – Don’t Lose Sight of the Goal

Reading Time: 13 minutesStay Focused – Don’t Lose Sight of the Goal (Borrowed with permission from the Southwest District Superintendent’s

Strangers Bond

Reading Time: 2 minutesI tried diligently to recalibrate my brain away from the evangelical call I was hearing from my Master. Unsuccessful….

I Surrender All

Reading Time: 2 minutesAll to Jesus I surrender,/All to Him I freely give. . . . More like the Master I would ever be . ….


Leadership Essentials: Inside Artios Christian College

Reading Time: 2 minutesThere are essentials to every recipe that lay the foundation for the dish. While some ingredients can easily be…