Resolved! Making New Year Resolutions

Resolved! Making New Year Resolutions

Looking for a different and more effective approach to making New Year resolutions? You’ve come to the right place.  Making New Year resolutions isn’t nearly as difficult as keeping them. Most of our “resolves” typically fall by the wayside just days into the New Year! As one wag observed, “Resolutions go in one year and […]

ACTIVE prayer

6 Elements of ACTIVE Prayer

ACTIVE prayer is helping me. It has kept me focused so that my mind doesn’t so easily wander. This has greatly improved my time with the Lord.

Dying to Live

Of all the ladies I cared for as a private caregiver, Bee was one of my favorites. I loved so many things about her, including her melodramatic manner. When Bee experienced a troubling symptom (that may or may not have indicated something serious), she’d let out a heavy sigh and say, “Well, if I die, […]

Practice Makes Possibilities

When my life gets out of balance, I start to have a lot in common with the tomatoes in my family garden. Left to their natural inclinations, these tomatoes flop to the ground in a clump, falling far short of the health they’re capable of enjoying. The fruit that should be blessing my family and […]

Is it enough to confess our sins to God privately, or is the church needed for confession?

Is it enough to confess our sins to God privately, or is the church needed for confession?   We’ve all heard the saying “Confession is good for the soul.” But for many, confession is an abstract idea that isn’t part of their daily lives. Many associate confession exclusively with a person speaking to a priest […]

Why Confession is a Must for Christ-Followers

We’ve all heard the saying: Confession is good for the soul. One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned as a Christian is how true this saying is. Confession is a source of great healing and freedom. All Christians, whether they have official titles or not, have been re-created by Jesus to lead in their […]

Por Qué la Confesión es Imprescindible para los Seguidores de Cristo

Todos hemos oído decir: La confesión es buena para el alma.  Una de las más poderosas lecciones que he aprendido como cristiano es cuán cierto es este dicho. La confesión es una fuente de gran sanidad y libertad. Todos los cristianos, sea que tengan títulos oficiales o no, han sido re-creados por Jesús para liderar […]

Do Christians sin a little everyday?

Recently, our church spoke of con­fession of sin as a continual experience for the Christian. Is it true that the most godly and trust­ing people sin a little every day? It all depends on how we think of sin. If sin is mostly an outward violation of the great moral laws of God (see 1 […]