Bible Study

Uprooting the Tree of Temptation

The Bible contains many guiding scriptures to help us overcome, but it also provides understanding of the cycle of temptation and sin that grows, figuratively, from tiny seed to burgeoning tree. We find this understanding in both the Old and New Testaments and can apply it directly to our lives. The apostle James describes the […]

reading the bible

Biblical Revelation: Authority of Scripture Part 2

How is the Bible revealed to us? Part 2 in this set of articles enlightens.

line of pillars

Biblical Authority – Part 1

What makes the Bible authentic? Find out in this first of a six-part series.

Child in classroom

A Vision for Christian Education in the Local Church – Part 1

Once a year, the kids in my congregation’s Sabbath School classes are called to the front of the sanctuary. With smiles on their faces, they are given certificates and, in many cases, “promoted” to their new classes. On one particular Sabbath several years ago, I watched this ceremony with fear and trembling as it ushered […]