Now What?

Back from the Dead

“Going to Texas. Nice knowing you.” The handwritten note on the TV set stunned me. It was from my wife Daneen. Without saying anything to me beforehand, she had taken our little daughter and left me behind in Oklahoma. In a way, I couldn’t blame her. I had been coming home at four in the […]

When There is No Cure

“I’m afraid there is no cure. We can only treat the symptoms,” Dr. Price explained, almost apologetically. Speechless, I lingered over her words, struggling to grasp the implications of the diagnosis: rheumatoid arthritis. It’s a systemic disease causing inflammation in the joints. The inflammatory cells slowly digest bone and cartilage. The result is pain, loss […]

Recognizing Heart Defects in Children

According to the American Heart Association, for every one thousand babies born, eight will have some form of congenital heart defect. That’s approximately thirty-five thousand babies each year. Sometimes detecting the signs of heart defects in a child can be difficult. Even a doctor may not be able to identify certain defects during a physical […]

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