Bread of Life

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Bread of Life  

Murmurs ripple through the crowd.

What kind of Messiah

is this?

Eat His flesh, drink His blood?

Some scornfully mutter,

He is mad.

Many began to slink away.

Even the Twelve flounder in bewilderment.



the mystery revealed

to all who believe.

Humbly we bow, tear sliding down the cheek,

hands reverently cup the bread, the wine.


the unthinkable sacrifice.

Jesus Christ


Bread of Life.


– Yvonne Kays


Yvonne Kays
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Yvonne Kays  writes inspirational short story and poetry and co-facilitates Writing from the Heart, a Christian writing support group that meets monthly. Since retiring from substance abuse prevention work in 2010, she has been published in LIVE, God’s Word for Today, The Plus Years, The Christian Journal, Chicken Soup anthologies, and James Stuart Bell’s book, Encountering Jesus. Yvonne is married and lives in Bend, OR.