Jason Overman

Yahweh: God Shares His Name

Considering our “Knowing God” theme, there is no better word to explore in this first “In a word” feature than the personal name of God. Found about 6,800 times in the Old Testament, much mystery and meaning surround the Tetragrammaton, a term referring to the four Hebrew consonants yod, he, waw, he that make up […]

Of Pharaoh and Pharmaceuticals

Bondage is no archaic reality; it’s alive and well. This fact has been impressed on me repeatedly this week. First, my daily Bible readings have taken me through the early chapters of Exodus and the last chapters of Galatians. Bondage is a key theme in both. These passages remind us that freedom is God’s gift […]

This We Believe!

This year we're taking a look at the twelve statements of faith found in "This We Believe". Join us as we examine our creed with conviction and humility.

Week 53: Sabbath School Lesson

Dear Fellow Bible Students, It has come to my attention that some of our adult Sabbath school classes are coming up a week short in quarterly lessons due to 53 Sabbaths in ’16. If this is the case at your local church, BAP has developed a convenient supplemental and concluding lesson for December 30, 2017. This […]

Fall Fundraiser Letter

Donate to Bible Advocate Dear BA Reader and Friend, As I sit to write this fall support letter, I am reflecting over my first two years in the editor’s chair. What a rewarding journey! My mind struggles to wrap itself around all that our small BA team has accomplished. It’s not that my two years […]

We Believe in Miracles!

Attention BA Readers!  I’m excited to announce a new Bible Advocate feature for 2018 that requires your participation. We’re calling it “We Believe In Miracles,” a page where people can read about the amazing power of God in things only He could do. We invite you to submit a personal testimony of such an event […]

More Than Protest

The BA team is wrapping up their work on the final issue of 2017. It’s off to press in a few days, and you should have it — “Soli Deo Gloria,” last in our Reformation 500 Sola series — by the end of the month. Speaking of this month, in October 500 years ago Martin […]


What Redemption Means for Followers of Christ

Why A Body?

Is Facebook “the new church”? With its 2 billion monthly users rivaling the size of global Christianity, its cofounder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, thinks so. In a recent speech, the god of social media claimed that his technological behemoth offers “purpose” and “community” as church membership sinks. The claim is bogus, of course. As pastor […]

Sweeter Than Honey

A few years ago I asked a church friend if he wanted to partner with me on a beehive. I approached Don because he’d worked bees in North Dakota years earlier and I was only a novice, eager to learn more about bees and harvest my own honey. I love honey! Don warned it would […]